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How to Clean Your Dallas Vinyl Windows–Inside and Out

Vinyl windows are often chosen for their low-maintenance qualities. You don’t need to repaint or refinish them. Compared to other types of windows, vinyl windows require almost no attention at all. However, unfortunately, they do require some cleaning once in a while. Luckily, you can most likely get it done with products you already have in your home, and with routine cleaning, you’ll never have a terribly difficult time.


Remember: if your Dallas vinyl windows are under warranty, check the manufacturer’s instructions for any specific cleaning methods.




For the interior of your windows, you can most likely use a mixture of water and dish detergent. This mixture will not do any damage to the surface of your windows. Make sure you use as little dish detergent as possible. You want to be able to easily rinse this away and not leave any streaks behind.


If you have any stubborn stains on your Dallas vinyl windows, like crayons or mildew, a solution of about 30% vinegar and 70% water can most likely get the job done. You can also use any water-based household cleaners.


Make sure you use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to wipe any of the glass or frames. And if there’s any dirt that’s difficult to get rid of, try using a soft-bristle brush to dislodge. The brush will also be a help when you’re trying to clean textured surfaces or in-between any ridges.


Exterior Cleaning

First, use a soft cloth or a soft brush with a long handle and some soapy water to clean the outside portion of your windows. Use your garden hose, at a medium setting, to rinse the excess soap away. Start from the top and work your way down. Never use a high pressure spray, or you’ll risk doing damage to your windows.


Some exterior parts of Dallas vinyl windows can be adequately cleaned from indoors. Single- or double-hung windows or crank casement windows  can be tilted in, or often removed. Just use a soft-cloth and some soap and water to wash them. Make sure, again, that you wipe them dry and leave no soap residue behind.




When you’re choosing any cleaning products to use on your windows, you’ll need to be careful about your decision. First of all, make sure the ingredients on the label are in adherence to your local environmental laws. Then, don’t use anything that has any strong solvents or acids. These have fumes that could cause permanent damage to your Dallas vinyl window surfaces. Never use any abrasive cleaners, cloths, or pads, or you’ll risk scratching the windows.

Also remember to never remove any stickers that list any information about your warranty of any product certifications.

More Tips on Vinyl Windows

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