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What’s the Best Kind of Window for Your Home?

Window Replacement Dallas“Open a New Window” is a song Jerry Herman wrote many years ago — but what kind of window do you suppose he was referring to? After all, there are quite a number of window types out there to choose from.

Okay, so Jerry Herman probably wasn’t thinking that deeply into window types, even if he wrote a song about windows. But if you are building or renovating your home, you might find yourself thinking every BIT that deeply about windows — maybe even more!

And it’s certainly an important thing to think about. After all, your windows are a major part of your home. They contribute to its aesthetic and functionality, so it’s very important that you make a thoughtful, informed decision regarding what kinds of windows to install in your home when it comes time to do so.

To help you make the most informed decision possible regarding your home’s windows, we’ve compiled a list of three of the most basic kinds of window types: single hung windows, double hung windows, and horizontal sliding windows. Each offers its own unique features, and the choice of which is best for you depends upon your wants and needs.

A new window can “open a new window” to a beautiful and wonderfully functioning home, and our quick, handly list can help you get that home!


A single hung window is perhaps the most common kind of window out there. The bottom sash is moveable while the top sash is fixed. We all know this kind of window, and its commonness is for good reason.

And why’s that? Why, because single hung windows are quite inexpensive to buy and install, especially when compared to their more complex double hung counterparts. They are also great space savers, so if you are installing a window in a small area, such as a study or a bathroom, then a single hung window will prove to be a great option for letting in light without letting out wallspace!

Single hung windows are also one of the most secure options there is for your window needs. They are especially good if you are the forgettable type. Since only one half of the window moves, there is only one lock to bother with. This means that you have fewer opportunities to forget to lock the window, thus lowering the chance of leaving your home accessible to burglars.

On top of all of these great practical benefits, single hung windows come in a variety of great looks: eyebrow, special shape, arch, gothic, etc. This aesthetic versatility is great if you are renovating your home for looks as well as functionality!


Double hung windows are the most common type of window in the U.S., and for good reason: They are versatile, for one. Because of their wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes, they can work with just about any home’s design.

Another benefit: They can also accept air conditioners. This feature is great is you live in a home that doesn’t have a great HVAC system. Being able to insert an air conditioning unit into your window is invaluable for keeping comfortable in such a home.

What is also invaluable in ANY home is saving money. A home is expensive no matter how you look at it, but you CAN do certain things to make it a little less expensive. One way to do so is to ensure that your home’s components are energy efficient, and double hung windows are one of the most energy efficient windowing options on the market! With their option of quadruple weatherstripping, double hung windows can keep your home’s air in and the outside air out, keeping your home comfortable on a dime!


Unlike the previous two window types, sliding windows operate horizontally rather than vertically. While this design may not be the best if you’re in the market to save space in your home, sliding windows make up for the extra space they require with their many great benefits!

One great benefit is that they offer an unobstructed view. In fact, because they ARE so large, sliding windows can provide a clear, beautiful view. If your home faces a stunning landscape and you want to take in as much of its beauty as possible, then you can’t go wrong with a sliding window!

And because sliding windows have few complicated moving parts, they stand among the most energy efficient options for your home. This design with minimal moving parts is also good because, with fewer parts, sliding windows have less of a chance to break down, saving you money on maintenance over the years.

They are also a breeze to operate since they work from left to right, not up and down. This is great if you live with elderly folks who might have issues lifting a window up above their heads.


Whether you decide on double hung, single hung, or sliding windows, you can rely on the experts at Better Windows & Doors to provide you with the best Dallas window replacement to help make your old home look like new again.

Don’t just wait to have your perfect home; get it! And a beautiful new window installed by the experts at Better Windows & Doors is just the thing to “open a new window” to that perfect house!


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