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The Right Window Frame for Your Fort Worth Window Replacement Service


When you are thinking about replacing the windows in your Fort Worth home, you think about what style of window you want, what is the most affordable window and how the windows will fit in your wall. However, these are not the only things you need to consider.

As a homeowner, you should consider what type of window frame will work with your Fort Worth window replacement service. There are a variety of different window frames, and they make up a large part of your new window’s appearance. It is important to know what types of window frames are available to you and how they will benefit your home.

Vinyl Window Frames

When you are having a Fort Worth window replacement service conducted in your home, Vinyl window frames can be a great window frame option. Vinyl is a composite material made from PVC material. While it is a less expensive window frame option, it doesn’t have to give off a “cheap” appearance.

Well constructed and properly installed vinyl window frames can give any room a great look. These affordable window frames are long lasting and energy efficient. Unfortunately, they are some-what limited as far as color options, and there are several homeowners who just do not like the appearance of vinyl.

Wood Window Frames

Wood window frames can be a popular choice for your home because they are less prone to heat and cold transfer. Wood frames tend to be the best insulated window frames, and they will help you control your energy bill. Well-built wooden frames can be structured to last for years.

Unfortunately, wood window frames are more expensive, and they can cost more money in up keep to avoid rotting.

Aluminum Window Frames

Another great option for your Fort Worth window replacement service is aluminum window frames. While the metal in aluminum window frames can make them less energy efficient than most window frame options, they can complement the look of any home. These windows are great in rainy, humid climates, and they tend to be installed in homes located along the coast line.

Faux Wood Window Frames

If you like the look of wood window frames, but can’t afford the price, there is a great solution. Faux wood window frames are similar to wood window frames, but they are more practical and affordable. They are a low-maintenance frame option, and they are less prone to water intrusion, which has been known to cause rotting.

Faux wood is also extremely durable and long lasting. These frames are less likely to warp over time, and they will look great in any room in your house.

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